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cDNA library: Stanley Frontal S/N pool 1

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   1. Stanley Frontal S/N pool 1

Stanley Frontal S/N pool 1

Name: Stanley Frontal S/N pool 1
Library ID: 1250
Organism: Homo sapiens
Gender: both
Age: 0
Stage: adult
Organ: brain/CNS
Tissue: frontal cortex pool: S-121 (schizophrenic 32 yo male), S-136 (35 yo female), S-30 (schizophrenic 30 yo male), S-65 (48 yo male)
Host: GeneHogs DH10B
Vector: pCR2.1-TOPO
Vector type: plasmid
Insert digest: EcoRI
Stop Codon Status: without
Description: Total RNA (purified with Trizol and DNAsed before use) was reverse transcribed using a modified oligo-dT primer containing RsaI and HindIII sites. Double- stranded cDNA was digested with RsaI, resulting in blunt ended cDNA of an average 0.1-2 kb in length. Digested cDNA was split into two sets, one used as is as the driver, the other set was split in half again and each half linked to a different adaptor (5'-TCGAGCGGCCGCCCGGGCAGGT-3' or 5'- AGGGCGTGGTGCGGAGGGCGGT-3'), to be used as tester. Subtraction was performed using the Clontech PCR Select cDNA subtraction kit. Pool of two male schizophrenics, ages 30 and 32 (S-30, S-121) subtracted by pool of two mentally normal individuals, male, age 48 and female, age 35 (S-65, S-136). Tissues were obtained from the Stanley Neuropathology Consortium ( Library constructed and subtracted by Dr. Nancy Johnston [(410) 614-3918,].

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