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cDNA library: Schiller AtT-20, RESP18 induced

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pituitary gland

   1. Schiller AtT-20, RESP18 induced

Schiller AtT-20, RESP18 induced

Name: Schiller AtT-20, RESP18 induced
Library ID: 1282
Organism: Mus musculus
Age: 0
Organ: pituitary gland
Tissue: cell line, AtT-20, RESP18 induced
Host: SOLR
Vector: pBluescript SK-
Vector type: phagemid
Insert digest: 5' EcoRI/XhoI 3'
Stop Codon Status: without
Description: Double-stranded cDNA was prepared from cell line AtT-20 usingprimer 5'-GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAAACTAGTCTGAGT(18)-3'. An EcoRI adaptor was used on the 5' end of the cDNA as follows: 5'-AATTCGGCACGAG-3'. The library was size-selected and went through one round of amplification. Average insert size is 1.7 kb, with a range from 0.4-12 kb. This cell line was engineered for inducible overexpression of RESP18 using the rTET system. Cells were induced such that RESP18 protein would traverse the ER to the Golgi and induce the RESP18-activated signaling pathway. This library was constructed by Dr. Martin Schiller (Johns Hopkins University).

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