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cDNA library: RIKEN Xenopus egg

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   1. RIKEN Xenopus egg

RIKEN Xenopus egg

Name: RIKEN Xenopus egg
Library ID: 1732
Organism: Xenopus laevis
Age: 0
Organ: egg
Tissue: unfertilized egg
Host: DH10B
Vector: pCS2G
Vector type: plasmid
Insert digest: 5' XhoI/BamHI 3'
Stop Codon Status: without
Description: cDNA oligo-dT primed using oligo 5'-GAGAGAGAGAGGATCCAATACTGGAGAGTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTVN-3' and directionally cloned into XhoI and BamHI sites using the 5' adaptor 5'- AGAGAGAGAGCTCGAGCTCTAATAAGGTGACACTATAGAACCA-3'. Size selection was done automatically by the cloning vector (lambda FLC-II, P. Carninci et al., unpublished). Library was amplified at the phage stage and normalized (RoT value = 5). This library was constructed using the CapTrapper method and Trehalose thermoactivated reverse transcriptase to enrich for full-length clones. Library constructed by Piero Carninci (RIKEN, Genome Science Laboratory, Japan: using egg RNA supplied by Marc Kirschner (Harvard Medical School, Dept. of Cell Biology). References: Methods Enzymol.303:19-44 and Genome Res. 10:1617-1630 Please contact Marc Kirschner ( for information on obtaining aliquots of this cDNA library.

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