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cDNA library: NIH_MGC_241

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Information for 1 library


   1. NIH_MGC_241


Name: NIH_MGC_241
Library ID: 2167
Organism: Homo sapiens
Age: 0
Organ: mixed
Tissue: mixed tissues from existing MGC libraries
Host: XL-1 Blue
Vector: pCMV-SPORT6
Vector type: phagemid
Insert digest: 5' SalI/NotI 3'
Stop Codon Status: without
Description: This library consists of a subset of clones from various MGC libraries that were found to have errors in their sequence, possibly the result of artifacts in cDNA library construction. These errors were repaired using site-directed mutagenesis by Modular Genetics Inc. (Woburn, MA). Note: this is a NIH_MGC Library.

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