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cDNA library: NIH_XGC_tropSkeMus1

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   1. NIH_XGC_tropSkeMus1


Name: NIH_XGC_tropSkeMus1
Library ID: 2215
Organism: Xenopus tropicalis
Strain: Nigerian 6th generation inbred
Gender: both
Age: 0
Stage: adult
Organ: muscle
Tissue: skeletal muscle, pooled from 14 individuals
Host: DH10B TonA
Vector: pCS107
Vector type: plasmid
Insert digest: 5' EcoRI/XhoI 3'
Stop Codon Status: without
Description: Library prepared from 5 ug of poly A+ RNA by oligo-dT priming [5'-ACTAGTGCGGCCGCCTAGGCCTCGAGT(18)-3'] and Stratascript reverse transcriptase. After ligation of EcoRI adapters (5'-AATTCGGCACGAGG-3') followed by kinasing adapters and XhoI digestion, the cDNA was size-selected by chromatography on Sepharose CL-2B columns and fractions containing cDNAs larger than 1 kb were ligated into EcoRI/XhoI digested pCS107 vector. Average insert size is 1.5 kb. The original library contained 1E5 recombinants. Reference: Current Genomics 4, 635-644. Use sp6 to obtain 5' end sequence, and t7 or t3 to obtain 3' end sequence. Library constructed by Bruce Blumberg (University of California, Irvine, Dept of Developmental and Cell Biology).

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