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cDNA library: DFCI-Vidal horfeome 1.1

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   1. DFCI-Vidal horfeome 1.1

DFCI-Vidal horfeome 1.1

Name: DFCI-Vidal horfeome 1.1
Library ID: 2255
Organism: Homo sapiens
Age: 0
Organ: mixed
Host: DH10B TonA
Vector: pDONR223
Vector type: plasmid
Insert digest: 5' attB1.1/attB2.1 3'
Stop Codon Status: without
Description: Full open reading frame clones were created in the Gateway system by the M. Vidal laboratory (reference Genome Res. 2004 Oct;14(10B):2128-35) using MGC clones as templates. For PCR amplification, both forward and reverse ORF-specific primers for each MGC clone were designed automatically using the OSP program (Hillier and Green 1991). The forward primer starts from A of the ATG initiation codon, whereas the reverse primer starts from the second nucleotide of the termination codon. The reverse attB2.1 primers do not contain the last nucleotide of the termination codon, so as to allow generation of C-terminal fusion proteins. This library is specifically made of single colonies isolated at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from the transformed ORF pools. Clones were prepared by the M. Vidal laboratory (Dana Farber Cancer Institute) and generously donated for use by the NIH_MGC project.

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