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cDNA library: NIH_MGC_436

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Information for 1 library

synthesized DNA

   1. NIH_MGC_436


Name: NIH_MGC_436
Library ID: 2492
Organism: Mus musculus
Age: 0
Organ: synthesized DNA
Host: DH10B TonA
Vector: pENTR223.1
Vector type: Gateway entry vector
Insert digest: 5' attL1/attL2 3'
Stop Codon Status: with
Description: DNA synthesis was used to prepare the protein coding sequence (ORF) and flanking sequences, permitting directional cloning into the Gateway Entry vector, pENTR223.1 (recombinational cloning details are described in Clone structure of the ORF and flanking sequences is as follows: 5'-gtacaaaaaagcagaagGGCCGTCAAGGCCCACC-ORF-TAAGGCCTCATGGgcccagctttcttg-3' where lower case corresponds to the att sites and upper case corresponds to linker sequence. Clones from this library do contain a stop codon. Clones were synthesized by Codon Devices (Cambridge, MA). Note: library donated to the ORFeome Collaboration by the Mammalian Gene Collection.

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