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cDNA library: Stratagene schizophrenic brain S11

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   1. Stratagene schizophrenic brain S11

Stratagene schizophrenic brain S11

Name: Stratagene schizophrenic brain S11
Library ID: 380
Organism: Homo sapiens
Gender: male
Age: 34
Stage: adult
Organ: brain/CNS
Tissue: frontal cortex, schizophrenic
Host: SOLR
Vector: pBluescript SK-
Vector type: phagemid
Insert digest: EcoRI
Stop Codon Status: without
Description: Random + oligo-dT primed into EcoRI site of ZAP II Vector. Mass excised. Avg insert length 1.4kb. Non-directionally cloned. Custom library provided by Dr. Nancy Johnston [(410) 614-3918,].

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