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Biology and Biotechnology Research Program

Biosciences research was initiated at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1963. Since that time, the program has undergone a dramatic revolution in scope evolving from its initial mission of understanding the biological consequences of ionizing radiation from weapons testing to a modern day program in molecular biology, genetics, computational biology, biotechnology, and healthcare research. Today, the Biology and Biotechnology Research Program conducts basic and applied research in the health and life sciences in support of national needs: to understand causes and mechanisms of ill-health, to develop biodefense capabilities for national homeland security, and to improve disease prevention and lower health care costs. Our vision statement “Enhancing the nation’s health and security through technological innovation in the biosciences” reflects our dedication to applying our acquired knowledge of science and technology to address societal needs.

Job Opportunities

BBRP conducts multidisciplinary bioscience to fill national needs. We execute our mission through competencies in:

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